European Network of Cultural Centres (ENCC)

Beyond the Urban


Are you a culture or arts professional working in or with areas outside of large cities, or on their peripheries? In rural countryside, small towns, cities under 50 000 inhabitants, residential suburbs, mountain and  remote regions, islands, or any type of in-between territory that does not meet the definition of "urban"? Are you dealing with challenges related to poor access and infrastructures, lack of connection with urban projects, sparse population, wasteland-style territorial planning, environmental changes, or simply a lack of visibility and funding schemes?

Join us for an advocacy and future-scaping session on the role of culture and the arts in non-urban areas.

We are  co-organising this meeting with partners Culture Action Europe, IETM and Trans Europe Halles, to bring your projects, challenges and needs to the attention of European policymakers.

This event is orgnanised by our working group on cultural centres and non-urban areas.

Launch of Beyond the Urban: Contemporary arts and culture in non-urban areas as keys to a sustainable and cohesive Europe, our policy paper jointly prepared with Culture Action Europe, IETM and TEH

Debate and discussion with stakeholders and participants