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Asociación Internacional Educación Holística

Holistic Education International Association

Dolores, Spain

The International Holistic Education Association (HEIA) is founded on the idea of integration of the various realities contained in the human experience, through a meaningful life in harmonious coexistence with the natural, social and cultural environment.

They encourage collaboration through various projects because they believe it is important to unite in order to obtain higher quality and achieve sustainability, reliability and standardisation in the field of holistic education.

Their main objectives are: promoting and expanding consciousness through socio-educational and healing activities; promote the creation of sustainable and holistic spaces; encourage the creation of an international network of people, collectives, associations, research centres and other entities who share the objective of promoting a change in society towards sustainability and harmonious coexistence; launching an informative, permanent and accessible platform, of quality making known everything related to holistic education, sustainability and integral health; promoting the participation of the individual and society as a whole, as a key element for the transformation of both; collaborating with institutions and people, in research, experimentation and participatory dissemination in education, sustainability and creative development allowing them to share knowledge, experiences, efforts and conclusions in order to promote freedom and the advancement of humanity towards harmonious coexistence.

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  • Socio-cultural activities and cultural mediation
  • Artistic production/promotion
  • Art education and/or other educational activities
  • Project management
  • Event management
  • Community and civic activities
  • Networking

Artistic disciplines

  • Theatre
  • Music
  • Circus art/clowning
  • Dance
  • Street art
  • Painting/drawing
  • Photography
  • Film and video art
  • Fashion design
  • Crafts
  • Publishing
  • Translation
  • Sculpture

Topics covered

  • Interculturality and migration
  • Gender and sexual orientation
  • Intergenerational relations and ageing
  • Tourism
  • Cultural rights
  • Climate change and environment
  • Intangible cultural heritage
  • Non-urban culture