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Kaninchen-Haus APS

Turin, Italy

KH was born from the desire to put at the service of the community the experiences in the field of cultural production by the collective of artists it was founded by. The mission is to redefine the role of the author in the arts: not only creator but activator of processes for collective transformation. The basic ideas are hospitality and collaboration: the foundation of a "house" means to create a symbolic place where the individual artistic process can make space for the elaboration of a group strategy, producing concrete reflections on society. Over the years, KH has refined its planning and production skills, constantly striving for model innovation. Among its various activities, the association has curated the programming of multidisciplinary exhibition spaces, fostered the mobility of artists with original residency formats (e.g., the Pirate Camp at the 2009 Venice Biennale), and devised AR public art projects ( e.g. The nights of Tino from Bagdad) and theatrical performances at the cutting edge of technology (e.g. UlyssesNow), and won major calls for proposals, networking with leading cultural institutions and with the business world.
Our most relevant project is viadellafucina16 condominio-museo. An international artist-in-residency programme launched in 2016, giving life to the first experiment of a Condominium-Museum. The residency occurs within a majestic 19th-century building, that we found in a state of decline, in the heart of the Turin’s district Porta Palazzo. Through an open call, whose 1st edition received 442 candidacies, artists have been invited to realize their artwork in the common areas of the building, with the purpose of promoting its regeneration and activating a dialogue among the tenants. The winning projects have been selected by the inhabitants themselves (about 200 of various nationalities) with the support of our scientific committee, on the basis of the artists’ ability to engage the community in the design and production of the artworks, to interpret the community’s desires and to activate new forms of sociality through a process of co-creation and collective care. Kaninchen-Haus is working with the aim to making the project replicable.

Watch the short documentary film about the project, winner of the Cineperiferie Prize - 2018 (Italian - English subtitles)


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  • Socio-cultural activities and cultural mediation
  • Artistic production/promotion
  • Community and civic activities
  • Art education and/or other educational activities
  • Project management
  • Event management
  • Training/Lifelong learning
  • Research/data collection
  • Information/awareness-raising
  • Networking
  • Internationalisation and mobility

Artistic disciplines

  • Music
  • Theatre
  • Dance
  • Development of alternative art practices
  • Painting/drawing
  • Photography
  • Digital arts
  • Sculpture
  • Film and video art

Topics covered

  • Interculturality and migration
  • Participation and audience engagement
  • European citizenship and identity
  • Digitalisation
  • Climate change and environment