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Samorządowe Centrum Kultury w Mielcu (SCK)

Council Cultural Centre in Mielec

Mielec, Poland

The Council Cultural Centre in Mielec (SCK - Samorzadowe Centrum Kultury w Mielcu) is a cultural institution. The organizational structure of SCK includes: the House of Culture, the Regional Museum, and the Public Library. SCK missions are the following: cultural education and education through art — the organisation of events and exhibitions — the collection, documentation, creation, protection and access to culture — hosting musical ensembles, workshops and special interest groups — promoting the recognition of amateur artistic movements — awakening and meeting the needs and cultural interests of the community — coordinating cultural activities in Mielec.


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  • Artistic production/promotion
  • Community and civic activities
  • Art education and/or other educational activities
  • Project management
  • Event management
  • Training/Lifelong learning
  • Research/data collection
  • Information/awareness-raising
  • Consultancy (e.g. legal advice)
  • Advocacy/policy-related work