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Istanbul, Turkey

As an online newspaper and platform for arts and culture in Turkey, Sanatatak organises educational programmes on art and philosophy, literature, music concerts and other cultural events. They also have their own venue, Sanatatak LAB, and host residencies for artists who want to produce sound and images.  Last but not least, they published four books since their foundation.

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  • Artistic production/promotion
  • Art education and/or other educational activities
  • Event management
  • Research/data collection
  • Networking
  • Training/Lifelong learning

Artistic disciplines

  • Music
  • Theatre
  • Street art
  • Development of alternative art practices
  • Painting/drawing
  • Photography
  • Digital arts
  • Sculpture
  • Creative writing
  • Publishing
  • Architecture
  • Film and video art
  • Fashion design

Topics covered

  • Gender and sexual orientation
  • Participation and audience engagement
  • Tangible cultural heritage
  • Digitalisation
  • Cultural rights
  • Human rights and democracy
  • Intangible cultural heritage
  • Cultural policy