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Съюз на народните читалища

Chitalishta Union

Sofia, Bulgaria

The "Chitalishta" (=reading rooms) are a significant part of the Bulgarian cultural heritage. The first Chitalishta were organised in 1856. Emerging as community-based organisations during the Bulgarian Renaissance, Chitalishta have legitimately been established as part of the Bulgarian history and identity. In the mid-twentieth century, all the neighbourhoods and districts in Bulgaria had their own Chitalishta. Scattered throughout the country and rooted in the history of more than 3,000 communities, Chitalishta still plays an important role in community development. They provide small libraries and rooms for cultural events such as theatre, workshops, painting or musical instruments classes. The Chitalishta organisations are NGOs for culture and education, a form of voluntary association of society. The Union, as a representative body recognized by the law, is crucial for their advocacy at the national level. Its role is to represent the "Chitalishta" and help them in facing current challenges and developing in a sustainable way.

Number of cultural centers represented : 1863


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