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Society for Research, Safeguarding, and Promotion of Cultural Heritage VULGUS Skopje
Macedonia, the Former Yugoslav Republic of
A cultural initiative highlighting the rich heritage and diversity of cultures of North Macedonia through an exhibition of photographs and short film, highlighting personal testimonials of the models who are leading figures in their professions on the topic of diversity and inclusion. It bridges ethnography with popular culture to make cultural heritage more appealing and relatable to younger generations and inform their views on ethnic and religious diversity.

"AeternaNova" (in Latin "aeterna"- ancient and "nova"-new) is an exhibition of photographs, folk costumes, and an ethnographic film, curated by Filip Petkovski Ph.D., UNESCO-certified heritage expert. It aims to represent the cultural heritage of Macedonians, Albanians, Turks, Roma, and Vlachs living in North Macedonia, and to feature recorded personal narratives of the models on the photos who are leaders in their professions (actors, musicians, athletes, public figures), about their views and experiences with diversity and inclusion.

The project incorporates new media, ethnography, and visual anthropology to contextualise the topic, while each photograph serves as a visual narrative aimed to illustrate the dynamic evolution of cultural identity in the region. We are led by the idea that cultural heritage must be reinterpreted and modernised to be largely disseminated, especially amongst the younger population, who might mystify and reject the topic of cultural heritage. The exhibition will take place at the Youth Cultural Centre in Skopje, while the results of the project will be published as a research paper in the journal "Macedonian Folklore" in which we will explore diversity, inclusion, and peaceful coexistence.

The project aims to emphasise the similarities in the cultures of all of the communities that live in North Macedonia and encourages the audience to engage in a process of mutual learning and enrichment of knowledge related to cultural heritage.

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