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Barrier-Free Library

Communal institution of culture "Dnipro City Public Libraries" of the Dnipro City Council
The project aims to integrate people with disabilities into the library space and to adapt war-affected people by introducing them to the culture of reading along with traditional library services. As part of the project, it is planned to equip the library space with the necessary tools and equipment for unimpeded access for people with disabilities. The main category of the project audience will be war veterans, war-affected civilians and IDPs

The project involves improving the conditions for people with disabilities to visit the Central City Library at 23 Voskresenska Street in accordance with international standards.

The project will include:

Arrangement of the entrance area to the building: installation of guides for visually impaired people, production of a sign with tactile letters and Braille, a staff call button, an anti-slip indicator bar for stairs, and an abrasive anti-slip tape for the ramp.

  • Making a mnemonic diagram for orientation to the library departments and the general plan of the building.

  • Arrangement of the building's lobby: tactile indicators of the direction of movement and floor stops, tactile pictogram sign in Braille to indicate a barrier-free toilet.

  • Organising visits to the library for groups of visitors with visual and musculoskeletal disorders.

The relevance of the project in the city of Dnipro located in the frontline zone is extremely important. The need for social rehabilitation of military personnel with disabilities: The city of Dnipro accepts hundreds of military personnel with different levels of disability for treatment and rehabilitation.

The project,which aims to integrate these people into cultural life through library resources and other services,will significantly support their social adaptation and improve their emotional state, facilitate recovery from war trauma and reintegration into society.In addition, there is an increase in the number of war-affected civilians.

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