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Black. A Collective Story.

Asociación Africa Moment

"Black. A collective story" will deploy a community project addressed at bipoc communities, with 10 work sessions and 1 artistic residency, to transmit the iconic dance piece 'Black' by acclaimed black choreographer Oulouy, onto a group of 10 selected bipoc performers. The result will be presented in an open performance. The project will happen at our associated space OYOFE studio in Barcelona.

Past projects:

Africa Moment is a platform dedicated to fostering cultural diversity and inclusion in the field of performing arts by promoting social and community processes with contemporary artists of migrant, bipoc and culturally diverse backgrounds. We pursue these objectives with a wide range of projects focused at community work via art, and also focused at artistic projects involving community creative processes. The present project 'Black. A collective story' (provisional title) is structured as follows:

Phase 1. Community workshops and community research with bipoc participants. (5 d)

Phase 2. Residency for the transmission of the piece 'Black' by Oulouy into a final community dance work. (10 d)

Phase 3. Presentation of the resulting piece 'Black. A collective story'. 'Black' physically reflects the violence and emancipation of Blackness in today's world. A body that narrates, defies, and disrupts – a body both wounded as well as celebrated. In his suspenseful solo, dancer Oulouy from Spain embodies the struggle for recognition, equality, and respect for Black people, referring to events in recent history, such as the #blacklivesmatter movement or the murder of George Floyd. It is a danced chronicle of the movement for freedom, playing deftly, skilfully, and passionately with a choreographic repertoire inspired by the main urban styles of the African continent and its diaspora.

Oulouy is the Black choreographer in Spain with the most notable career and projection worldwide.

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