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The project aims to digitise and preserve the collection of movie posters dating back to the 1960s, housed in the Jusuf Gervalla Cinema archive in Peja, Kosovo, preserving a significant era in cinema history. This process ensures accessibility for future generations. Additionally, it enhances our cinema's online presence by creating immersive visualisation, showcasing our rich film poster, projectors and film rolls collection, preserving cinematic history, and promoting cultural appreciation.

At the “Jusuf Gervalla” Cinema, we will develop a project that aims to increase cultural access through digital initiatives. Our objective is to create digital interfaces that can be accessible to the entire community. To achieve this, we will develop 2 main components:

We'll create an immersive visualisation of our cinema, enabling virtual exploration from anywhere. This initiative fosters inclusivity, breaking down geographical and physical barriers, and preserves the cinema's collective memory.

Poster Scanning: In addition, we will be undertaking a new poster scanning initiative to digitise our vast collection of cinema posters. Through our user-friendly digital platform, users will have access to these iconic works of art, promoting cultural exploration and appreciation for the cinematic history of this cultural centre. By digitising our poster collection, we are safeguarding these valuable artefacts against damage and decay, ensuring that they remain intact for future generations to appreciate.

Our project serves as an educational resource, offering insights into the history of cinema, the art of poster design, and the cultural significance of film. We believe in the power of culture to inspire, educate, and unite. These components will make our cultural centre accessible to everyone, ensuring that everyone can experience the magic of Jusuf Gervalla Cinema. More about Jusuf Gervalla Cinema:

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