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Convit/e: Diversity Enriches Us


Since 2005, at Mescladís, we have been creating opportunities for dignified migration and an inclusive society. In Barcelona, a multicultural city, we advocate for interculturality and sustainability through initiatives with socio-environmental impact, fostering genuine dialogue to build a shared city model. Our cooking training program, bi-annual magazine, intercultural workshops, party, and competition promote cultural diversity and environmental awareness to shape a fair and sustainable future.

At Mescladís we create opportunities for everyone to migrate with dignity, while valuing a diverse and cohesive society in Barcelona. We believe sustainable gastronomy offers a significant chance to lead this transformation as a change agent. Through our training and employment programs, we nurture talent in the sector, enhancing our present and future.

Barcelona hosts a multicultural society, with 31.3% born abroad, fostering diverse cultures and beliefs. However, public discourse often uses euphemisms, manipulating language and perpetuating stereotypes, prejudices and fears towards this diversity. Therefore, promoting interculturality by fostering relationships among people from different cultural backgrounds is crucial to build a shared city model.

At Mescladís, we drive El Convit/e, a socio-cultural project facilitating community bonds to promote belonging and social cohesion. We advocate for interculturality, environmental awareness and a sustainable societal model, grounded in principles of equal rights, duties and opportunities, recognition of diversity, positive interaction and intercultural dialogue.

We achieve this through cooking, art, reflection and action, utilising a bi-annual magazine, workshops, a festival and a competition. Beneficiaries of the project include readers, workshop participants, festival attendees, artists, migrants and private/public entities. This diverse range of profiles allows for broad outreach and a comprehensive perspective on the territory.

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