European Network of Cultural Centres (ENCC)

Creative Education Learning & Teaching CVELT

ECTER - Bitola
Macedonia, the Former Yugoslav Republic of

The project aims to encourage the development of children and educators alike by engaging them in the analysis of real-life experiences through various creative activities. Emphasising the cultivation of social skills, environmental consciousness, linguistic and artistic expression, the activities shall encourage children and their teachers to explore and inquire about the world around them through engaging research activities.

The project shall encompass creation of various educational scenarios based on the book The Adventures of Mrs. Yellow Perk by Mrs. Vesela Bogdanovikj, million dollar teacher from North Macedonia. In the classrooms across the country, the travels of the small fish shall be recreated by use of basic resources for creating a stage, send, characters with repurposed materials, and maps. Travelling, the fish seek to find a better place for living, unveiling various challenges in front of the pupils, such as prejudices, fear, and rejections.

By playing various scenarios and offering solutions children learn about inclusion, environment and its pollution, learn how to express themselves linguistically and artistically which are virtues crucial for their development. The emphasis on curiosity-driven research activities shall stimulate intellectual curiosity and critical thinking of pupils, at the same time offering a pathway for educational enrichment for teachers even in resource-constrained settings such as North Macedonia. By focusing on creative engagement with real-life experiences, the project offers an innovative and inexpensive approach for educators and parents too.

It provides an opportunity to enhance the educational system in North Macedonia's educational modest landscape, enabling meaningful growth and development despite resource limitations.

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