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Cultural Crossroads

Ankara Aks

Our project, Cultural Crossroads, delves into cultural products as "refugees" in Anatolia, exploring diverse art forms like music, paintings, architecture, and dance. Through workshops and collaborations, creators will share experiences, sparking cross-cultural dialogue, creativity, and community engagement. We'll create a handbook and website documenting this process, fostering understanding of diverse cultural expressions and social cohesion in Anatolia and beyond.

The project unfolds in several stages, beginning with an open call inviting creators of cultural refugees to participate in workshops, collaborative activities, and interdisciplinary seminars. Through these engagements, participants will have the opportunity to share their experiences of integrating cultural products into Anatolian society, reflecting on the challenges and opportunities of this process while fostering empathy, understanding, and mutual respect among diverse communities.

It includes information, discussion and production sessions in a 2-day workshop in Ankara. Participants are urban residents of Ankara and immigrants aged 18-35. It will be established by communicating with immigrant communities in Ankara and announcing it to the existing communication network. There will be 12 participants in total for each category, and the project will be completed with a total of 48-50 participants and the communication handbook will be transferred to the website as a digital resource.

The website is open source. The culmination of the project will be the creation of a communication handbook and website, serving as repositories of knowledge and documentation of the transformative journey of cultural refugees.

These resources will offer insights into the process of cultural transplantation, highlighting the role of resonance, emotion, and shared human experiences in fostering cultural integration and social cohesion.

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