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Echoes of Ukraine: Stories from Belgium


Through a podcast series & exhibition in Brussels, the project endeavours to showcase the personal narratives, cultural heritage, and impactful contributions of Ukrainians in Belgium. Through interviews, curated artefacts, and inclusive community events, the project strives to forge connections across diverse communities, fostering mutual understanding, and enriching Belgian culture.

Initiated by refugees themselves, this project is a deeply personal tale of resilience. Aiming to provide a platform for Ukrainian diaspora members and activists to share their insights, opinions, and stories while highlighting their contributions to local communities, 'Echoes of Ukraine' seeks to shine a light on untold stories and promote greater understanding and dialogue within the Belgian community.

Key Components:

1) Podcast Series: Featuring interviews with Ukrainian diaspora members and refugees, highlighting personal stories of resilience and community engagement.

2) Exhibition in Brussels: Showcasing real stories of Ukrainian refugees and serving as a platform for communication and connection with the Belgian community.

3) Community Engagement Events: Including film screenings and cultural workshops to foster dialogue and understanding.

Expected Outcomes:

1) Increased visibility and recognition of Ukrainian diaspora's contributions to Belgian society.

2) Enhanced cross-cultural understanding and dialogue.

3) Empowerment of Ukrainian diaspora members and refugees.

4) Strengthened ties between Ukrainian community organisations and local stakeholders.

5) Long-term promotion of social cohesion and diversity

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