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F-SIDES Chapters

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F-SIDES Chapters focuses on gender equality by educating teenagers from 10 Romanian cities with limited access to cultural resources, using film as a tool for education. The project uses a curriculum of 18 films made by women to explore diverse narratives and address gender stereotypes, aiming to create an environment of inclusivity and respect. Through its structured approach, F-SIDES Chapters seeks to inspire a new generation to challenge societal norms.

F-SIDES Chapters uses films made by women as a tool for non-formal education to reshape perceptions on social issues. Given Romania's position as second to last in the 2022 European Gender Equality Index, with a significant decline from its previous ranking, addressing women's rights in smaller communities becomes critical.

Through the 8-month educational program, the project encourages youth to develop critical thinking and expand their cultural awareness. Led by young ambassadors, 10 cine-clubs across Romania will facilitate engagement with a variety of narratives and characters, challenging existing stereotypes and promoting an appreciation for diverse cultures. The project takes an interdisciplinary approach with a predefined curriculum and films. This curriculum, crafted in collaboration with experts from political science, film studies, and education, includes 18 films made by women chosen to spark discussions on diversity, challenge stereotypes, and promote cultural understanding.

The movies serve as a foundation for conversations on gender equality, women's rights, labour market challenges, gender roles, personal autonomy and intersectionality. Moreover, the young ambassadors are trained in leadership, facilitation, and foundational theories in sociology, political studies, gender studies and film, equipping them to guide their peers through these critical conversations.

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