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Fédération des musiques rap

Fédérap brings together rap music professionals with the aim of amplifying their decisive, consultative and representative role within the music industry. Fédérap is the link between fieldwork and the institutions. Moreover, Fédérap supports the development of its members' projects by providing useful information, training, monitoring, and advising.

Fédérap is the first and only association in France that unites rap music professionals, from independent artists and companies to major label subsidiaries, to empower their influence within the French music industry. Its mission is to amplify the collective voice of these professionals, ensuring their opinions are heard and represented in key decisions. This includes protecting unique creative elements and production styles specific to rap music. Its role is also to support these professionals into the financial, administrative development of their musical projects and give them access to tools (grants, training, law advice) useful to sustain their projects.

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