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Irish National Opera Open Foyer Series

Irish National Opera
INO will collaborate with local community groups to help them create their own artistic response to the themes & narratives featured in the opera. INO will provide support and resources, including workshops and access to artistic mentors. All participants will then have the opportunity to showcase their work in the foyer of their local theatre before the opera performance, for which they receive a free ticket. Our goal is to empower the local community to have a voice through arts and culture.

Irish National Opera (INO) strongly believes that opera is for everyone and we are working to develop an opera ecosystem in Ireland that is accessible and inclusive to a wide demographic. This project allows us to bring new creative voices from local communities into the world of opera. The project gives participants an opportunity to explore opera through the lens of a creative medium they’re experienced and comfortable in. It’s also a chance for INO to learn and develop, by gaining a greater understanding of the communities we serve.  This initiative will be tied to our national touring productions, which visit multiple different venues around Ireland.

This year’s touring production is Vivaldi’s l’Olimpiade. In advance of each performance, INO will engage with local community groups and work with them to create their artistic response to the themes and narratives explored in the opera. On the night of the opera’s performance, the participating groups will showcase their work in the foyer of their local theatre before the opera starts. This will be a special opportunity for the participants to share the fruits of their work with an audience made up of their local community.

This year’s series takes place in April and will include three different instrumental performances, an exhibition of paintings inspired by the opera and a film by the Inclusive Music Ensemble, an inclusive music group working mainly with adults with intellectual & physical disabilities.

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