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Music of Armenia (Cultural NGO)
Music4Life is an interactive musical and educational programme, which aims to shape and empower Armenia's disadvantaged youth and pensioners in order to break the boundaries of traditional viewpoints and establish a more inclusive society through a refreshingly unique narrative. The programme uses music as a medium to reach them and to advocate inclusivity.

We plan to kick off Music4Life with FĂȘte de la Musique, also known as World Music Day, which takes place on 21st June. Since FĂȘte de la Musique is a celebration of music, we plan to do a day-long event/celebration, during which we will bring together orphaned children and children/youth with autism and other disabilities and pensioners to create and perform music through innovative and unconventional music-making techniques and singing.

The day will be a true celebration of human interaction and its undeniable power to connect and leave a lasting impact on all involved. After the launch of the project we plan to host regular meet-ups and workshops where the youth and the elderly will connect, create and share memories through various musical projects. Important to note that there will be times when the meet-ups will be delivered for the two segments separately and at times the two groups will participate together at the same event. Both options are chosen strategically, so that we can focus on each groups individually, as well as celebrate their union during collaborative events.

The aim of Music4Life is to not only rehabilitate the disadvantaged children and pay more attention to pensioners who unfortunately live in retirement homes, but the society as a whole as we believe the issue is two sided and the solution lies in a two-way communication strategy.

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