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Northern Script - Nosi

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The Northern Script is an active program for young aspiring and professional screenwriters developing the art of screenwriting both in their native Nordic tongue and in English. Northern Script will provide their first professional platform and networks with the program's industry partners.

The Northern Script program is aimed at young people and developed by the young participants themselves, with the objective of providing them with the knowledge and tools necessary for the development of professional and autonomous creative practice. Nosi further strengthens the Nordic approach into young talent development in languages with which the participants organically interact with. With the development of the program the partners have been able to provide more industry specific professional mentoring to empower young people to use their own voice freely (using safer spaces principles). Throughout the process, young people acquire tools that give them the ability and confidence to develop their budding professional identities and to promote the dissemination of their works.

Nosi highlights three aspects that we consider fundamental:

  • For the purposes of the program and all its participants, we promote a set of integrating norms, which respect the components of physical, social and intellectual accessibility

  • Social accessibility - The gratuitousness of all activities, where we integrate the participants, the film community and the public in mostly remote community workshops and festival settings

  • Intellectual accessibility - The activities, always properly framed and contextualised, promote critical thinking, creativity, participation and relationships between participants regardless of their age, sex or professional competence.

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