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The House of Creatures

The House of Creatures, airing live on platforms such as YouTube and Twitch, is a cultural magazine spotlighting intersectional artists within the global performing arts. Set against a whimsical 1970s-inspired backdrop, hosts, influenced by Drag Queen Creatures, invite guests into a unique, poetic universe, making each episode a vibrant celebration of art and diversity.

The House of Creatures is a live cultural magazine aired on platforms like Twitch, focusing on the global performing arts scene with a spotlight on artists from intersectionality. The two hosts, freely inspired by Drag Queen Creatures, invite their guests into their house.

The format is akin to a caravan, meaning the idea is to set up the TV studio in various cultural locations across France and Europe, placing the creature's house in other houses. The scenography draws inspiration from 1970s decor, embodying both a poetic and a fun atmosphere. Viewers and live spectators witness the guest's adventure, engaging in a series of games like back-to-back Q&A on a trampoline, jumping into a ball pit, intimate interviews, and a transformation in the costume room, all leading up to a performance in the ballroom. 

The audiovisual concept also incorporates a musical element, as a DJ is invited to each episode to set the tempo and remind us that celebration, too, carries its own forms of resistance. The audience welcomed live during the recording, can enjoy both the DJ set and also follow the immersive journey through the different rooms or even talk and react in the live chat managed by the co-host of the show. Thus, each episode is not just a broadcast but a celebration of artistic expression and festivity, embodying intersectionality not only in its themes but also in its innovative format and originality.

The House of Creatures is set to record its pilot on June 26, 2024.

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