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TROS DE DONA - Piece of Woman

Museu Terra of Carulla Foundation
TROS DE DONA, begins as a research project to incorporate the gender perspective to the narrative of the Museu Terra (MT, former MVR), together with a set of community activities with local women aimed to revalue material and immaterial aspects of their culture, and, collectively, propose new readings. This work is the starting point for: a temporary exhibition, several cultural and educational activities, and the continuation of the community work.

TROS DE DONA, is born with the purpose of balancing the discourse of the two parts of the MT, the permanent exhibition (the old part), and the temporary exhibitions and educational activities (the current one). 

The director of the museum commissioned a research study to give voice to women who have lived and live in rural areas in the 21st century and to review, from a feminist perspective, the history shown by the MT. This was carried out by analysing the content of the equipment and working in a communitarian way with different groups of women in the region. 

As a consequence of this work, the following projects developed within the MT: 

- The temporary exhibition TROS DE DONA which claims the role of women in sustaining life; carrying out tasks that are often invisible, but essential. 

- Community activities with young and old local women, facilitating spaces and participatory mediation strategies that serve as a starting point to address reflections on what affects us as a collective. 

- Cultural activities linked to the exhibition: guided tours, talks, reading club, musical tour of the exhibition, etc. 

- An educational activity aimed at teenagers (10-16 years old) that allows us to put life, body and care at the centre, and work on socio-affective dynamics, through dialogue, the arts and data.

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