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VArt Bridge: Bridging Art & Immersive Technologies to Foster Inclusion in the Global Art Scene

La Galerie VR
VArt Bridge redefines traditional art exhibitions, using Virtual Reality (VR) and 3D (Modeling & Scanning) technology to create immersive virtual experiences. Our platform, empowers emerging artists worldwide to showcase their work to a global audience, overcoming geographical and financial barriers.

In today's art world, opportunities for emerging artists often concentrate in major art capitals, creating exclusive circles inaccessible to artists and enthusiasts from marginalised communities. Geographical & visa complexities, financial burdens further restrict participation, perpetuating a system of inequality.

VArt Bridge challenges this status quo by democratising the exhibition space and harnessing technology to create immersive virtual experiences. By eliminating the need for physical presence while maintaining the quality of exhibitions, we break down barriers and provide a platform for artists to share their work and for art enthusiasts to explore and engage with art from the comfort of their homes for free through any device.

Central to our mission is a commitment to inclusivity and diversity. We are dedicated to amplifying the voices of artists regardless of ability, age, location, language, education, literacy, culture, or economic status. Through an open call for submissions, we invite artists globally to participate in our virtual exhibitions.

An independent jury selects 16 artists based solely on the quality of their work, ensuring a blind and fair selection process to participate in a virtual group exhibition hosted on our web platform, VArt Bridge. Fostering a sense of community and connection among artists and enthusiasts worldwide and promoting equity and inclusion, creating a vibrant, diverse, and accessible art community for all.

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