European Network of Cultural Centres (ENCC)

Why become a member


The benefits of being part of the ENCC community

We work everyday in order to create opportunities for learning, connecting and exchanging for our members. As part of the ENCC community, you will have the chance to:

  • Access information relevant to your daily work through our bimonthly members-only newsletter, our trainings, our networking events, our working groups, and more.

  • Understand the EU discourse and its mechanisms: we are committed to using a clear, jargon-free language to help you navigate news and information coming from the EU level.

  • Create life-long connections with like-minded socio-culture professionals from around Europe.

  • Shape our strategy and activities based on your needs, by participating in our annual General Assemblies, members' forums, advocacy initiatives, surveys, and more.

  • Access your fellow members’ direct contacts in the dedicated space. Our network is brimming with interesting organisations: you want to create a new partnership? Cut the middle man and reach out to other members directly.

  • Get priority access to our trainings and events: members enjoy even more accessible fees (or no fee at all) and higher travel reimbursement rates.

  • Get visibility for your organisation by having your profile featured in our website, public newsletter and social media channels.

Are you ready to apply for membership? Go here.

Do you still have questions for us before applying? Write to Lucille, our membership officer, at

How you can contribute

We imagine the ENCC community as a lively space where our members can learn from and dialogue with one another. The more each member shares, the more value fellow members will be able to reap from their participation in the network.

At the same time, we are aware that most professionals have busy work and personal schedules, and that membership should not become an extra burden. The commitment we expect from our members takes this into account. Here is a list of basic actions each member is expected to undertake, in line with their possibilities and capacities:

  • Keeping their organisation’s contacts and activity information updated in the member space;

  • Replying to emails from us and from other members;

  • Participating in the annual online General Assembly;

  • Paying the annual membership fee (go here for details on the different fee categories);

  • Promoting our main activities among their colleagues and on their channels (and, if they are networks, among their own members).

Membership categories

Our members can be either full or associate. The main difference between the two is that full members can vote and be elected during our annual General Assembly, whereas associate members can’t - however, they are still very much encouraged to take part in the General Assembly to stay informed about our current activities and to exchange with fellow members and the office during the dedicated breakout sessions.

You can apply for full membership if you represent a partly or totally publically-funded socio-cultural organisation. Specifically, our full members are:

  • Individual socio-cultural centres (membership fee: 100 euros per year)

  • Networks of socio-cultural centres at different levels - local, regional, national (membership fee: 150, 350, 700 euros per year respectively)

If you are not one of the organisations described above, you will want to apply for associate membership. Our associate members are:

  • Other types of cultural organisations (membership fee: 50 euros per year)

  • Freelance cultural operators (membership fee: 50 euros per year)