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Samba Résille

Toulouse, France

As a European centre for cultural and civic initiatives, Samba Résille aims at allowing everyone to become a citizen thanks to a learning process based on creative practices, and at creating and sharing spaces to allow this building process. Indeed, Samba Résille offers the general public and associations its spaces, expertise and resources, so that people can cooperate and experiment, and thus get personal fulfillment, new knowledge and experiences (i.e. artistic skills) as well as professional qualification.

The centre acts as a facilitator in the artistic and cultural sector, and leans on artistic programs (concerts of world and modern music), exhibitions, teaching of Brazilian music through its Samba school, building of carnival floats, community work, and the organisation of regional and international cultural events (especially the Toulouse Carnival).

Samba Résille also leads many European and international projects, and has the ambition to create strong links at the international level by multiplying exchanges and meetings, enriching social ties and sharing this dynamic. They also have a band composed of 60 non-professional samba musicians that plays in festivals, carnivals and other cultural events. In its work, Samba Résille reaches all audiences and especially the most vulnerable ones (e.g. people with social or physical disabilities) and young people.

Organised in three fields (artistic, educational and managerial), Samba Résille uses cultural mediation and non-formal training to allow everybody to engage in a process to widen the cultural practices. Their approach is based on dialogue and sharing in order to consolidate individual paths, and to go over the invisible borders of ghettoization. In this way, their objectives are to promote expression, curiosity, listening and critical thinking; to encourage collective and individual practices; to allow artistic initiative and cultural entrepreneurship; to break isolation; and to create or maintain links between people. [Read more about them here]


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  • Socio-cultural activities and cultural mediation
  • Artistic production/promotion
  • Community and civic activities
  • Art education and/or other educational activities
  • Project management
  • Evaluation (e.g. of projects, structures or other)
  • Training/Lifelong learning
  • Internationalisation and mobility

Artistic disciplines

  • Music
  • Theatre
  • Amateur arts
  • Painting/drawing
  • Photography
  • Digital arts
  • Sculpture
  • Film and video art

Topics covered

  • Interculturality and migration
  • Disabilities and inclusion
  • European citizenship and identity