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Creative Connections: Enhancing Senior Wellbeing Through Mail Art

CrafTopia Creative Hub

Creative Connections combats senior isolation by bridging generations through art workshops, fostering community and digital inclusion. Participants craft and share mail art, boosting digital skills and connecting across ages. This initiative revitalises art traditions while introducing digital sharing, enhancing cultural exchange and inclusivity. Aimed at improving senior well-being, it encourages dialogue and global creativity display, strengthening societal connections

Creative Connections: tackles elderly isolation by engaging them in creative workshops, enhancing digital skills, and fostering community bonds through intergenerational mail art exchanges. This initiative bridges the gap between seniors and the digital world, offering them a platform to express themselves and connect with a broader audience. Key Activities: Mail Art Workshops: Teaching seniors diverse techniques, focusing on creativity and expression.

Open Calls Participation: Seniors will send their artworks to international open calls, integrating them into the global art community.

Digital Literacy: Training on digitising and sharing their art online, promoting digital inclusion. Intergenerational Exchange: Collaborating with youth, enriching the project with diverse perspectives.

Online Exhibition: A digital showcase of their creations, amplifying their voices. "Creative Connections" not only enhances seniors' well-being but also actively involves them in cultural exchange, making it a vital project for promoting inclusivity and digital engagement, perfectly aligning with Up Grants' objectives.

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