European Network of Cultural Centres (ENCC)

Empathy Beyond Borders

Prosperis, NUKC

Our initiative in Lithuania employs playback theatre for community building and improving the mental well-being of immigrants and locals – 2 performances and 2 networking events. Playback theatre provides a platform, fostering emotional release and healing. Our project aims to create a secure space for refugees, promoting resilience and community.

We aim to bridge understanding and empathy between refugees and the local Lithuanian community, fostering healing and personal growth.

Our project will host 2 playback theatre performances with networking opportunities post events, in Lithuania for 200+ participants, reaching 5,000+ online, to foster empathy and integration between immigrants and locals. Our initiative aims to empower immigrants and bridge cultural divides in Lithuania through playback theatre, an improvisational method that transforms personal stories into live performances. This approach fosters empathy, understanding, and social cohesion by allowing immigrants to share their experiences and Lithuanian citizens to connect with these narratives, promoting a sense of shared humanity.

Playback theatre offers a space for expression and healing, particularly valuable for those navigating the challenges of migration and integration. By embodying diverse stories, we aim to dismantle stereotypes, encourage dialogue, and enhance community integration.

Our efforts focus on inclusivity, ensuring accessibility for individuals with mobility challenges or hearing impairments. Targeting both refugees and immigrants, as well as local Lithuanians, our project seeks to enrich the multicultural fabric of Lithuania. Activities include performances in immigrant and Lithuanian spaces, post-performance networking, an information campaign, and follow-up support. Through these endeavours, we aspire to create lasting connections and understanding across diverse community segments.

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