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Educational and Cultural Centre in Broumov
Czech Republic

Through the project, we will offer children from the local minority a leisure program during the summer holidays, the opportunity to explore different galleries and museums in the Hradec Králové region of the Czech Republic, and participate in their accompanying programs for children as part of the project. The aim is to develop their creativity, acquire new skills, and gain experiences from places that are inaccessible to these children. Socialisation in a natural everyday environment.

The aim of the project is to offer socially disadvantaged children new experiences, knowledge, and to engage them with leisure activities - visiting 7 art institutions in the region and participating in 8 gallery programs. 

The project focuses on developing skills that are largely inaccessible to children from minorities due to financial and personal reasons. It will support the children's development of creativity, communication, self-awareness, critical thinking, and socialisation, as well as familiarising them with places in the region. 

The project is exceptional in that it is a regular holiday program. During holidays, leisure clubs are not held, and according to our surveys, children from minorities miss them. Ultimately, our goal is to empower these children, broaden their horizons, offer them meaningful leisure activities and contribute to their overall well-being and integration into society. Field trips with the children to galleries will take place on Saturday throughout the summer holidays under the guidance of a facilitator and one assistant. The project will involve the participation of 6 children. 

As part of the project, the children will visit: 

1. Children's Gallery Lapidarium 

2. Gallery of Fine Arts 

3. EPO1

4. Circular Centre 

5. Museum in Police 

6. Labyrinth at the Drak Theatre 

7. Sculptures in the monastery garden 

8. Vernissage and exhibition - sketches and diaries from all visits, sharing of experiences

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