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Ramdom APS

Kora_extended is creating both Kora Contemporary Arts Centre's physical spaces and its collection digital and accessible through their multi-channel digital cloning. The project envisages not only "a classic" virtual tour of the spaces of the historic Palace and of the KORA museum and book collection, but the visitors will be able to customise their experience creating their own exhibition.

Kora_extended activates the creative process, incentivises research, production and activities such as the mapping of the spaces and the collections thanks to the use of technological equipments, ensuring accessibility (removal of physical, cognitive and sensorial barriers with an "open museum" opening) and sustainability (emissions and consumption reduced by the digitalisation of physical reality). Kora's digital cloning and diffusion proposal makes it possible to transcend the limitations given to any physical space in order to create a new place, potentially accessible to anyone and from any other place. It prioritises to show through the spaces and collections the unique characteristics of the local community, fosters its dedication to culture preservation and sensibility to arts.

The implications and declinations of the project are multiple: Kora_extended may be presented in villages, hosted by other museums or cultural institutions, and will be simultaneously reachable via any digital interface - from cell phones to computers via virtual or augmented reality viewers. Each type of interface will correspond to a different type of use according to a logic of non-exclusive parallel uses, breaking barriers of ability, age, location, language, education, literacy, culture, and economic situation.

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