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Kotor's Legends Brought to Life

Cultural Centre "Nikola Djurkovic" Kotor
Serbia and Montenegro
Explore Kotor's essence with 'Kotor's legends Brought to Life.' This project collects local myths, offering immersive multimedia experiences to revive cultural heritage and foster community connections. It aims to promote Kotor's rich cultural legacy and facilitate cross-cultural exchange.

Objective: To safeguard and promote Kotor's cultural legacy by exploring and sharing its rich tapestry of legends, myths, and stories, ensuring their preservation for future generations.

Activities: The project involves comprehensive research and documentation of Kotor's legends, followed by the creation of engaging multimedia content including videos, audio stories, and illustrations. An interactive exhibition will be organised, accompanied by educational programs for schools and a digital platform for broader accessibility.

Community Engagement: Active involvement of the local community and cultural associations is key, enriching the project with personal stories and insights, fostering pride and ownership in Kotor's cultural heritage.

Relevance and Impact: By reviving Kotor's legends and sharing them with neighbouring countries, the project fosters cross-cultural understanding, unity, and appreciation, bridging geographical and cultural divides. Budget and Partnerships: Detailed financial planning and collaboration with local museums, educational institutions, NGOs, media outlets, and cultural organisations will maximise impact and reach.

Evaluation and Sustainability: Ongoing monitoring and adaptive management practices ensure long-term sustainability, fostering appreciation and stewardship towards Kotor's cultural heritage.

Conclusion: Project celebrates the enduring power of storytelling to unite, inspire, and enrich lives across generations and borders.

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