European Network of Cultural Centres (ENCC)

Cultural Impact Now!

Ebeltoft, Denmark
People standing around a fire
How can cultural centres and organisations identify the ways they impact society and stand up for their work and mission in times of crisis?

On June 3-6 2021, in Ebeltoft, Denmark, we gathered 243 cultural workers, speakers, and workshop leaders to talk about the impact of cultural centres. Created in collaboration between The European Network of Cultural Centres, Trans Europe Halles and the host, Maltfabrikken, Cultural Impact Now! was the first joint event between the two main networks of cultural centres in Europe.


What does cultural impact look like, one year after the pandemic? We now know, more than ever, how strong our hunger for culture and community is, and how vital cultural spaces are to individuals and societies. We also know that culture is not necessarily supported, in times of crisis, as an essential part of human life. With Cultural Impact Now! we set out to explore and discuss how cultural centres and other cultural organisations, from across Europe and networks, can come together to identify the ways they impact society and stand up for their work and mission

At the on-site conference, co-creation, conversations, and collective experiments (such as artistic dinners and the creation of an event for the locals in an abandoned refugee camp) played a central part. After more than a year with closed cultural facilities all over Europe, the need for physical presence and shared experiences was the overall compass in the programme design.

The online sessions gathered 407 participants from 35 countries. The onsite meeting gathered 243 participants from 16 countries, including members of the Trans Europe Halles and ENCC networks as well as other cultural operators. The overall event offered 5 keynotes or panels, 1 hybrid session, and 29 workshops.

  • Download the full conference report

- Watch the video recording of the first online panel discussion: Reframing Cultural Impact in Times of Change

- Watch the video recording of the second online panel discussion: Measuring the immeasurable

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