European Network of Cultural Centres (ENCC)


Our training programmes are accessible and valuable opportunities for socio-cultural workers and volunteers to learn, network and grow professionally. Here you can check whether we are currently accepting applications.
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Sustainability at the Centre: making Culture and Environment meet

How can socio-cultural centres contribute to a healthier environment and to Climate Change mitigation and adaptation? Which are the impacts of Culture on the environment and how can a better environmental management improve the quality of life in a Cultural Centre and its community? Through our European training programme you will learn how to address these issues, which tools and which funding programmes are available, and how to become a “sustainability ambassador” among your peers. Apply now! Participation is free of charge.

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Make it Happen: Community Building and Audience Development for the Future

How should you engage with the society of tomorrow? Who is your current audience and who would you like them to be? And how can you create social impact that builds a sense of community and belonging in our crisis-ridden world? In this international training programme tailored to your needs, we provide the necessary skills and guide you from theory to practice. Apply now! Participation is free of charge.