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Latvijas Kultūras Darbinieku Biedrība

The Association of Latvian Culture Centres

Riga, Latvia

The Association of Latvian Culture Centres (ALCC) is a public organisation aiming at promoting the development of culture centres. ALCC represents 550 cultural centres and cultural workers from all regions of Latvia. Thus, they are the second biggest network of cultural institutions in the country, after the network of libraries. Latvian culture centres operate as multifunctional cultural institutions and provide access to culture in all regions of the country. The activity of the ALCC follows the guidelines set up by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Latvia stipulating the necessity to involve the public in the planning and implementation of cultural policy. In its work, the Association particularly focus on the following areas of activities: methodological guidance, information dissemination, advisory services  International cooperation and exchange of experience  Co-participation in the development and implementation of cultural policy — Continuing education and professional development —  Capacity building (Together with their partner, the Latvian National Centre for Culture, they organise cultural management training programmes for the managers and staff of Latvian Culture centres). The Association is also part of the Baltic cooperation within the ENCC. 

Number of cultural centers represented : 550


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  • Socio-cultural activities and cultural mediation
  • Artistic production/promotion
  • Project management
  • Event management
  • Evaluation (e.g. of projects, structures or other)
  • Training/Lifelong learning
  • Research/data collection
  • Networking

Artistic disciplines

  • Amateur arts
  • Creative writing
  • Publishing

Topics covered

  • Participation and audience engagement
  • Intangible cultural heritage
  • Working conditions of cultural professionals/labour rights/human resources
  • Non-urban culture