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Heritage for Peace

ABUAB fosters cultural integration and empowerment among refugees and asylum seekers in Barcelona. It was conceived in response to the pressing needs of refugees who, having fled war, violence, or persecution, find themselves in a new and unfamiliar environment. Recognising the impact of displacement on mental health, ABUAB offers an array of activities (guided museum tours, concerts, and discussions) to provide refugees with access to local culture and facilitate social connections.

ABUAB, an initiative led by the NGO Heritage for Peace, endeavours to foster the integration of refugees and immigrants in Barcelona through the lens of cultural heritage. Collaborating closely with museums and cultural centres in the city, Abuab employs a multidisciplinary approach, incorporating elements of heritage management, anthropology, art history, education, and archaeology.

From guided museum tours to concerts and discussions, refugees find not just cultural immersion but a sense of belonging and social support.We also offer activities in Arabic and Ukrainian to facilitate integration and understanding. By engaging both refugees and local residents, we're building bridges, promoting cultural awareness, and facilitating healing through meaningful interactions.

ABUAB seeks to empower refugees and asylum seekers, promote social integration, and foster a culture of peace and tolerance. We are committed to creating a more inclusive and compassionate society, one where cultural heritage serves as a bridge to a brighter future for all.

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