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Anti-Racist Mycelium

Canopia Coop V. Espacio de Encuentros Rurales La Surera

Long-term project that seeks to address racial inclusion in Spanish education by creating an anti-racist pedagogical toolkit for primary and secondary schools and teachers. Through this grant we will be able to begin the first phase of the project which will develop participatory methodological tools in an artistic mediation residency. These tools will be tested and improved in a future meeting between migrant, racialised and anti-racist organisations.

Anti-Racist Myceliums is a project for the construction of a pedagogical toolkit to be used in primary and secondary schools and for teachers in urban and rural contexts, seeking to solve the problem of social and racial inclusion in the Spanish educational sphere.

As collectives that work for equity, equality, inclusion and non-discrimination, we must focus on the increasing situation of racial discrimination that the migrant/racialized population lives in Europe with the increase of votes in favour of the ultra-right and public policies that favor racial segregation and the increase of racism. The first part of the project (which will be the one we will execute with these funds) seeks to generate methodological tools from group facilitation and artistic mediation for citizen participation processes. The format for this tool design will be based on a research/creation residency program for cultural-social actors with experience and interest in the area of mediation and participation.

The residency will take place at El Espacio de Encuentros Rurales La Surera, Almedíjar, Castellón, Spain. It will last 20 days and will be for 2 people. At the end of the residency, the participants will lead some activities/workshops in the meeting that will be held by Anti-Racist Mycelium to present and put into practice the designed tools.

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