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Artstravers is a biennial of artistic interventions in the landscape. It questions and explores new forms of relationships in, with and across the landscape. artstravers networks with other cultural actors working on similar topics in order to visualise the simultaneity of transformative impulses and to intensify encounters and exchange across borders.

Dreyeckland is the area between Basel (CH), Lörrach (D) and Mulhouse (F). Here we want to realise a festival for cross-border cultural encounters. The aim is cultural networking. We want to overcome language barriers, draw attention to the landscape and convey a critical aesthetic sense of its history and ecology. artstravers stands for contemporary art, whereby the boundaries between genres are fluid and the main interest lies in interventions in public space and site-specific art.

A variety of experimental art forms can therefore be expected, such as audio art, performance, music, theatre, poetry, visual art in public space and much more. The festival‘s thematic focus is on walking, wandering and lingering in the landscape. It works together and in cooperation with various cultural centres, cultural associations and artists from the region/the three countries and is open to all people in the area, art lovers, hikers, walkers, cyclists, other culturally interested visitors to the landscapes, as well as children, schools, students and artists from the three countries and beyond.

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