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Berlin Diaspora Soundscapes

"Berlin Diaspora Soundscapes" seeks to amplify the voices and experiences of African diaspora artists in Berlin, fostering a deeper appreciation for their contributions to the city's cultural fabric. By creating a platform for dialogue and exchange, this project aims to bridge divides, celebrate diversity, and promote mutual understanding within the global community.

Berlin, a city renowned for its vibrant cultural scene and diverse communities, serves as a unique melting pot for artists from around the world, including the African diaspora. "Berlin Diaspora Soundscapes" aims to create an immersive online listening experience, bringing together the voices and stories of African artists residing in Berlin. Through a series of 10 episodes, this project will delve into the experiences, inspirations, and creative processes of these artists, exploring how their cultural heritage intersects with their lives in Berlin.


1. Showcase the diverse talents and perspectives of African artists living in Berlin.

2. Foster cross-cultural dialogue and understanding within the Berlin community.

3. Provide a platform for African diaspora artists to share their experiences and insights.

4. Celebrate the rich cultural heritage and contributions of the African diaspora to Berlin's artistic landscape. Format: Each episode of "Berlin Diaspora Soundscapes" will feature a different African artist currently residing in Berlin.

The sessions will be conducted online, allowing for global accessibility and audience participation. The format will include a mix of interviews, live performances, and curated playlists, providing audiences with an immersive and engaging experience.

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