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Children's Travelling Folk Library in the Village

Citizens Association Center for Preservation and Development of Macedonian Folk Music, Folklore Creation, Education and Innovations for Children FOLKONIKA Skopje
Macedonia, the Former Yugoslav Republic of
The main goal of the project is to improve children's knowledge of the meaning and appreciation of folk music as part of the cultural identity of their people. Through the activities, the acquisition of knowledge of the children will be influenced through contents, which will make them be permanently engraved in their upbringing for their cultural musical identity. Thus, we will contribute, educate and build future citizens, who will appreciate and cherish the national cultural values.

Our project goal is to enrich children's understanding and appreciation of folk music as a vital part of their cultural identity. For that reason we have built engaging activities that have already proven their impact on children from past activities. With our approach we will continue to impart knowledge that kids start to recognise and appreciate as their own. 

As an organisation we are driven by our values to educate and enrich the younger generations by working with them closely and inspiring them by presenting our cultural values and heritage. This is significantly harder in rural areas of North Macedonia, because access to such educational opportunities is very limited. A different problem we are facing is that there is a lack of interest among youth in folk music, and we are an organisation that makes efforts to change this narrative. Our goal right now is to work especially with rural children. 

As we are actively working in this field, we are striving to make changes and improve them and redirect them towards our rich and beautiful Macedonian folk music tradition, making it accessible to all, despite their urban or rural upbringing. Moreover, children's literature lacks engaging content related to folk music or Macedonian folk songs, which leads to a natural kind of boredom and oblivion among younger generations. 

For this reason, we have decided to make this project "Children's travelling folk library in the village" and make a greater impact on children.

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