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Community Strides

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"Community Strides" pioneers guided walks for marginalized groups in Braga, Portugal, amplifying voices often unheard in urban planning. By pairing individuals from diverse backgrounds – including the elderly, disabled, Roma, and immigrants among others – our initiative sparks transformative dialogue on urban challenges and opportunities. Participants not only navigate city streets but also co-create solutions, preserving heritage, and forging lasting community bonds.

"Community Strides" is a groundbreaking urban initiative in Braga, Portugal, where marginalised voices finally take centre stage. Imagine a platform where the elderly, disabled, Roma,immigrants and other marginalised groups are not only heard but actively engaged in shaping their city's future.

Our innovative approach goes beyond traditional urban interventions by not only giving voice to these communities but also by fostering meaningful connections between them. By pairing individuals from diverse backgrounds, including those who have faced social exclusion, we create a unique space for dialogue, empathy, and collaboration. Through guided walks, participants not only explore their city but also share their experiences, challenges, and aspirations.

This exchange of stories and perspectives not only breaks down barriers but also empowers individuals to advocate for change based on their own needs and experiences. "Community Strides" isn't just about walking through neighbourhoods; it's about walking towards a more inclusive and equitable future. It's about harnessing the collective wisdom and strength of marginalised communities to build bonds, foster understanding, and drive positive change.

Join us on this transformative journey as we pave the way for a city where everyone's voice matters, one step at a time.

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