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Cres Fringe Festival

Art-to-Art Association

The Cres Fringe Festival is a platform for Art and Performance that connects, educates, and supports performers, all kinds of artists, and locals. But also for exchange and expressing themselves, wake up emotions and share inspiring work. It‘s a place where producers and artists can connect in a safe space and talk about projects together. We are here to make the invisible visible and facilitate intercultural exchange.

Equality and diversity and building inclusive narratives. So many performances are not included at other festivals, as they get told that they are too specific, too much, or too less. We believe bringing different kinds of art and performance together can make a deep impact to the artists and the audience.

Creating a safe space to open people's minds, for artists and performers to share their art, knowledge, beliefs. But also to inspire each other, start creating new projects and tour together. Furthermore, we want to work in more different productions with our partners. We host our Productions Producers and Directors of other international Festivals from Europe, but also all over the world and different other productions. Here our artists have the opportunity to connect, be seen and create new collaborations and get booked for those productions. Identification and Removal of Barriers for Marginalised Groups.

Thinking out of the box. At the end, we all want to be seen, recognised, and spread the word that art is important. But also fighting for rights and values such as humanity, respect, diversity, genders, inclusion, mental health, invisible and visible diseases and disabilities. Together we can move the world.

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