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Digital Empowerment for All

The Centre for World Citizens
This project develops a digital platform connecting donors with refugee beneficiaries, particularly women, to enhance transparency in aid distribution. Using blockchain technology, it allows real-time tracking of donations and their impact, seamlessly integrating with an existing online marketplace for refugee-crafted products. This initiative promotes donor engagement and effective impact measurement, fostering a supportive global network for refugee assistance.

The Centre for World Citizens, established seven years ago amidst the Syrian refugee crisis, plays a vital role in supporting over 2,000 refugee women and educating 300 children. Facing the ongoing challenge of assisting a large refugee population, the Centre has launched initiatives like the Women Empower program, fostering job creation and enhancing its donor base. The Centre's existing website for donations and online sales of impact products serves as a cornerstone for our new Donor-to-Beneficiary (D2B) initiative.

This project aims to leverage digital technology to enhance transparency and efficiency, significantly reducing operational costs. The D2B system, potentially incorporating blockchain, will offer real-time tracking of donations and their impact, deepening donor engagement. By streamlining processes, this innovative approach is poised to revolutionise support for the refugee community and local residents, particularly in the aftermath of the February 2023 earthquake.

This initiative marks a significant step in the Centre's commitment to providing community-based solutions in the region.

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