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TEATRO METAPHORA - Associação de Amigos das Artes
With years of experience in making street art installations from urban waste, we became experts in transforming soda cans into beautiful big canvases and transmitting our knowledge to others through creativity and innovation. We love to empower individuals through artistic expression. Each canvas will address social inclusion and be a testament to our unique techniques, which are highly effective in community engagement, particularly with young individuals facing financial and social obstacles.

As part of our mission to promote social inclusion and solidarity, we will host workshops on creating street art installations using soda cans. Our studio will welcome 50 young people from disadvantaged backgrounds, including impoverished families and marginalised groups in our community. In Madeira Island, they often face obstacles in accessing transportation, especially youngsters who live in rural areas and villages of the island. We will allocate funds for materials, food, and transportation to ensure their participation.

We plan to facilitate the creation of 10 soda can canvases and also provide meals during breaks in the creative process. Once completed, the artworks will be exhibited in the streets of Câmara de Lobos and the exhibition will attract visitors and tourists, amplifying the reach of our message on social inclusion. Each canvas will serve as a powerful statement on social inclusion, showcasing our unique techniques that effectively engage communities. To further extend the impact of our project, we will document the entire process through video production, highlighting the participants' engagement and the resulting artwork.

These videos will be shared on our social media platforms, promoting awareness and fostering dialogue on the importance of social inclusion and creative expression. Through our collective efforts, we aim to inspire positive change and break down barriers within our community and beyond.

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