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Expressing Futures

Ratatoj APS

"Expressing Futures", promoted by the Ratatoj APS Association, aims to use cultural practices with the objective of strengthening networks present in the territories of the Monviso valleys and reactivating confidence of young people, fighting back phenomena like school drop-outs and Neets. With 10 municipalities in the area, a high school and 4 organisations in the social welfare sector, with the aim of structuring artistic-cultural training courses dedicated to young neet people in the area.

Coordination tables with cultural, social and administrative actors active in the project to determine practices and methodologies of action for the involvement of young people, in particular Neet in the 15/29 bracket.

Engagement: action carried out by social workers to identify, with local authorities and schools, the target group of young people needed for the project.

Capacity building and hackathon: A training will be proposed to secondary school students, together with teachers and the cultural operator, providing knowledge on social functions of cultural spaces, on artistic tools and local history. The students will take part in an intensive workshop to design the spaces of the Magda Olivero Cinema Theatre, where Ratatoj is based.

Fruition and co-design of cultural initiatives: the people involved in the project will have the opportunity to enjoy for free the artistic initiatives proposed by the network of partners. Moreover, they will be employed to support the organisation of events, providing logistical and administrative support.

Co-design of cultural content: Together with the social worker and the cultural operator, 5 workshops will be set up in the valleys - Po, Varaita - using different artistic languages as an essential creative tool to represent reality and the social phenomena that are part of it.

Communication: development of a bottom-up communication strategy with the young people involved in the project initiatives alongside the collaborating bodies.

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