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FI pioneers inclusive contemporary dance, championing marginalised artists. Composed of under-35 semi professionals, FI embraces those with migrant backgrounds, multicultural sensitivities and various abilities. Addressing entrenched biases and Going beyond technical training, FI aspires to enhance social inclusion and professional opportunities.

The annual free training program and the productions, featuring paid contracts, challenges perceptions of dance as a viable career in Italy.

FI is a contemporary dance and performing arts company of under-35 semi-professionals aiming for professional growth. It welcomes artists with a migratory background or a sensitivity to multiculturalism, integration, gender identity, and various abilities, including individuals who are deaf, of second generation, and non-binary.

The company challenges deep-seated biases in the contemporary dance and art worlds, aspiring to be a tool for pursuing an artistic identity pre-existing the diaspora often experienced by its members, which is challenging to value in the Italian context. FI's mission extends beyond technical training, pushing towards social inclusion and professional opportunities. The vision is to equip young professionals aspiring to enter the artistic job market with the necessary tools.

Annually in Bologna, FI organises a free training program open to the public, engaging FI artists through temporary paid contracts. This paid contract fosters the perception of dance as a viable profession in Italy, where viewing dance as a career and artistic opportunity remains challenging.

FI's initiative aims to create an inclusive environment for professional dance training, addressing current deficiencies related to representation and access. In the short term, this translates into a free and welcoming learning space, overcoming economic and social barriers.

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