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Here We Are, Venice! Kindle the Imagination by Sketching Our Future

Centro Ricerche EtnoAntropologiche APS

This project promotes inclusive narratives through micro-ethnography and urban sketching to envision sustainable futures across various realms. It addresses social fragmentation in communities, particularly in tourist-heavy areas like Venice and gentrified rural regions. By revitalising local exchanges and fostering shared representations of spaces, it counters individualistic perceptions, facilitating the rediscovery of local knowledge, and engaging stakeholders to foster SDGs, in first SDG11.

Urban Visual Microethnography: Meeting, Drawing, Understanding & Designing a New Inclusive Future Together. This project integrates micro-ethnography and urban sketching to envision sustainable futures. It addresses social fragmentation, particularly in areas like Venice and gentrified rural regions. By revitalising local exchanges, it counters individualistic perceptions and fosters the rediscovery of local knowledge. Engaging stakeholders promotes Sustainable Development Goals, notably SDG11. Through micro-ethnography and urban sketching, it identifies areas for sustainable activities. 

The project aims to strengthen community relations and integrate new actors, utilising a multilevel participatory approach. Collaborating with ethno-anthropological research and urban sketching professionals like Stefano Zago, it develops inclusive methodologies. Comic book reportages offer unique insights into urban environments, with distribution through Italian and French channels. Collaborative efforts with local associations include webinars, workshops, and virtual sketch walks, engaging approximately 250 participants. 

The project's impact extends to an estimated 5000 active members of the partner associations, and multiple users through social networks. A travelling exhibition anticipates 10,000 visitors, amplifying impact through media coverage after the comic book dissemination.

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