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Ťahanovská záhrada

The project shares stories of families in inclusive forms of education in Slovakia. By celebrating diversity, we aim to shift mindsets and make inclusion the standard. Slovakia faces social challenges and we hope to dispel myths and biases and promote understanding. Inclusive education is not just about physical access but also about valuing all students. Partnering with regional educators will empower communities and drive positive change, especially for the most vulnerable.

Our initiative seeks to challenge stereotypes by producing 5 videos featuring personal narratives from families with children in various forms of inclusive education. Through these stories, we aim to shed light on the joys, challenges, unique experiences of families and their coping strategies. We plan to release social media ads and organise discussions among our partners, regional educational groups, ensuring accessibility to a wide audience through in-person discussions and also online on social media platforms.

Tahanovska zahrada is founder of an innovative school with nearly 700 families, including half of Slovakia's homeschooling population. Many parents opt for homeschooling for their children due to health reasons or personal preference. Some of them do that because of exclusion, as schools do not want these children to attend daily as they have special needs. Due to its non-normative nature, homeschooling regardless of the reasons faces stigma and biases. Our approach emphasises principles of freedom, inclusion and intrinsic motivation in education, fostering a broader understanding of individual schooling methods.

Through the diverse representation of families in our video series, we ensure that voices from various backgrounds and experiences are heard. By highlighting the inclusive and empowering aspects of various forms of education we aim to inspire broader societal acceptance of diverse educational choices and help to transform the Slovak educational system.

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