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"Inclusive Entrance"


This process will include: analysis of the city's housing stock, development of three projects for arrangement, spending the Board meets with the involvement of beneficiaries, dissemination of information among beneficiaries and media representatives. The result will be ready-made solutions for the inclusive adaptation of high-rise buildings in Zaporizhzhya for people with disabilities.

We want to create a narrative about "Inclusive Entrance" because we believe that a barrier-free space should start with the ability of a person to leave their home. In Ukraine, from 2019, new buildings and public places must comply with inclusiveness standards according to legislation. Additionally, Ukraine has a NATIONAL STRATEGY for creating a barrier-free environment in Ukraine until 2030. However, these initiatives don`t directly address accessibility for people with limited mobility in their places of residence, which is a significant barrier for them. Our projects will be beneficial for the future post-war restoration of Ukraine's housing stock. This project will initiate grassroots efforts and explain how people with limited mobility can make their entrances barrier-free.

The process includes:

1. Analysing the city's housing stock and selecting the three most common types of houses.

2. Collaborating with a design organisation to develop a sketch (visualisation) for creating barrier-free access, including the arrangement of ramps and/or lifts for selected types of houses.

3. Disseminating the information through social media publications to reach project beneficiaries.

4. Hosting The Board meets for beneficiaries to promote and develop a plan for scaling the project to other cities in Ukraine.

5. Distributing information through local media to inform more project beneficiaries about the established "Inclusive Access" roadmap.

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