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Inclusive Opera

Associazione Culturale L’Albero
A project to empower the deaf community and challenge traditional notions of accessibility in opera. An innovative work to create an opera language accessible to both deaf and hearing people. The aim is to break down barriers and celebrate diversity within the community opera method: through workshops and experimentation, a team of opera professionals exploring sign language and music, paving the way for a more inclusive opera experience.

Co-creation is a cross-cutting methodology for L'Albero, used within what is known as the Community Opera Method. The format is based on a collective of professionals exploring opera themes such as inclusion, accessibility and social innovation, and evaluating the impact of such projects on the communities involved.

INCLUSIVE OPERA is a significant step towards breaking down barriers and fostering inclusion within the opera community. A team of opera professionals are exploring inclusivity through Community Opera Method with the aim of developing a new lexicon of musical terms in Italian Sign Language.

The artists involved are Alessandra Maltempo (singer, actress, director and co-artistic director of Compagnia L'Albero); Consuelo Agnesi (deaf artist); Gino Marangi (actor and trainer); Chiara Osella (opera singer); Francesco Leineri (composer); Andrea Ciommiento (dramaturge).

The artistic research started from the relationship (and meeting points) between sound and gesture, score and movement, singing and vibration, signs and dramaturgy, visual art and LIS, until arriving at a composition of music and words, leading to the creation of an opera that can be enjoyed by deaf and hearing people together. The residencies served as a pilot pivotal moment for this project: the diversity of the participants (deaf and hearing, artists and non-artists, dancers and musicians, actors and educators) are part of the creative process, ensuring that no language dominates the others.

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