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Insurgent Feminism Empowering Women & Non-Binary People

As Insurgentes Revoltadas Associação

The project aims to empower marginalised women and non-binary people by providing training in labour skills and cultural competences. This includes professional development for feminist booksellers and cultural activities clubs. These efforts actively reduce risks, minimise harm, and seek to improve accessibility to knowledge and overall quality of life. Furthermore, feminist literature serves as a powerful tool for driving social transformation.

This project aims to promote the empowerment of women and non-binary people who live and/or work in Mouraria and Arroios (Lisbon) and who suffer different vulnerabilities. Through the acquisition of labour skills and cultural competences, training and literary actions, namely professional training with non-formal education dynamics for working in a feminist bookshop and a cultural club to explore feminist theory and practices. 

The beneficiaries can be survivors of multiple forms of violence such as homelessness, problematic use of psychoactive substances, ex-prisoners, street sex workers and migrants, including refugees and undocumented people. The access and discussion of feminist art and culture production are relevant risk reduction and harm minimisation practices which stimulate cognitive and artistic competencies and strengthen self-esteem. 

Through this, they are able to reinvent trajectories and increase training in digital and cultural literacy; it also provides an environment in which they can organise themselves for the recognition of their social and civic rights.

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