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La Cardòla


La Cardòla is an associative, non-partisan and inclusive network of citizens and small businesses promoted by Dumbo to contribute to the social revitalisation of the neighbourhood Porta-Saragozza, where DumBO is located. The development and coordination of the network are based on a free and intuitive web app, which represents the key feature of the project. The multilingual web app will facilitate the interactions and will stimulate the sociality within the DumBO community and its neighbourhood.

La Cardòla is an associative network of citizens and small businesses, designed to respond to the social, economic and environmental needs of the neighbourhood where DumBO is located and to stimulate the social cohesion of the neighbourhood itself. Its coordination is based on a free, intuitive and multilingual web app.

The web app, scalable and sustainable, is divided into 3 main areas:

- Civic initiative: Promotion of grassroot projects and interventions to support active citizenship promoted by the neighbourhood;

- Business Network: Initiatives and services to support the small businesses and the professional activities of the neighbourhood, through knowledge and mutual exchange;

- Innovation: Incubator of innovative start-ups, digital solutions, training activities, promoted by members of the Dumbo district to improve the quality of life and individual skills.

The IT infrastructure will be built in 3 different phases. The first one is the creation of the Showcase section in which to insert: general information on the network; profiling of companies participating in the network; profiling of users (participating residents). Then the Section dedicated to collective information of public utility, notices, newsletters and promotions, open to the contributions of participating residents and businesses will be created.

The third step is the creation of an Interactive Map with geolocation of activities and the possibility of filtering them by category.

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