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La Métive , How to Create Humanity Together

La Métive

La Métive is a place of residence for multidisciplinary artistic creation located in Moutier-d'Ahun, in Creuse, Nouvelle-Aquitaine region. All year round, it welcomes artists and people from all over the world in spaces conducive to the development of their ongoing research. La Métive is a project of social ties and cultural action in the rural territory where it is located. We work on cultural rights and support artists in an inclusive way.

Métive participated in the experiment on cultural rights proposed by the Nouvelle-Aquitaine Region. This experiment made it possible to meet the people who live in the department, to take the time for discussion and that of anthropological cinema, hours of interviews and these questions asked to everyone: 

How are things going with the culture ? 

What constitutes culture for you ? 

It is by drawing on all these encounters that the artistic project was born: La Métive or how to create humanity together . Doing humanity means placing at the heart of the creative residency project, the question of the relationship between people's cultures; we could even speak of interhumanity mediation. 

In order to be attentive and respectful of the free and worthy people who participate in the activities offered by La Métive, we ensure that we always allow listening, discussion, exchange and sharing with the desire to broaden the possibilities for people. to express their freedom and their singularity. 

To promote access to artistic activities and encounters, we imagine a part of intercultural mediation in roaming and meeting people. To do this, we have multiplied new partnerships (EHPAD, remand centres, schools, APAJH, travelling crèche). 

We organise 2 festivals each year, one to fight with artists against sexual and sexism violences called "Les sororales - résider en adelphité", and the other one "La Festive" to present work done by the artists during the year.

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